Sin is both an incredibly familiar and an incredibly uncomfortable topic. Although, "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God," no one really like to acknowledge the sin in their own life, much less be confronted with or convicted of it. It's difficult, but it's necessary.

Why must we be aware of and open our eyes to sin in our life? It comes down to what sin is. If you were asked to identify sin, you could name a million different thoughts/actions/attitudes/words that constitute sin, but sin isn't just doing/saying/thinking something bad. Inaction can be sin. Not doing something you know you should can be sin. Doing the right thing, but with the wrong attitude or intention can be sin.

Ultimately, sin is missing the mark. It is a disruption in design. Each and every one of us was created perfectly with a perfect design and plan and purpose, with perfect gifts and goals. Anything that we do that distorts or disrupts that perfect design is missing the mark. It is sin.

God is a God of perfection. He requires perfection to be in His presence. He made us perfect, but we've disrupted that. Isn't that what Christmas is ultimately all about? We broke and distorted the perfect plan and purpose and design, and God, in His goodness and love, set-out to restore what was broken. He came in human form, was born, lived among us, didn't sin, didn't miss the mark, but accepted the consequences for our sins in order to restore us.

So, the Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, remember, all have sinned. We have all missed the mark. We have all fallen short of the perfect purpose that God has for us, but that is why He came. Acknowledge and repent of the sin in your life. Ask God to help you live according to His purpose and will. Accept the gift that He is offering of restoration and salvation.
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