Stewardship: The conducting, supervising, or managing of something, especially : the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care.

So, stewardship is taking care of things given to you. Though most Christians equate stewardship with giving, it actually has little to do with cash.

What does it look like to practice stewardship from a Biblical perspective?
Interestingly, the New Testament word for stewardship comes from the Greek word oikonomos (where we get the word economy), which basically means the manager of the affairs of a household or in other words, work. This guardianship position is clearly shown throughout the Bible from beginning to end.
When it comes to being good stewards through the lens of the bible, it turns out that one of the primary factors that make us good Stewards is a life intimately spent with Christ. A life spent with the master naturally makes the servant a better manager of their affairs.

In a sense, Biblical stewardship is a responsibility, a duty, and yes, an obligation of Christians. We’re required to impact, care for, utilize, and manage the affairs of creation in whatever way God brings us into contact with it.
This isn’t a silent partnership with God, either. Biblical stewardship involves going “all in” with our time, effort, sacrifice, talents, and resources — and when I say “our,” the truth is, they’re all His anyway. That’s why being good stewards is such a crucial part of being a Christian.
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