What's With The X?

Don’t worry, we know! X Factor is a really weird name for a church. It works for a TV show, but a church? Well, the truth is that we had the name long before the TV show. There is barely a week that goes by where we are not asked what’s the deal with the X? The reality is that one of the reasons that we want people to ask questions. We believe that as a church, questions are a good thing. We want people to ask questions!

We chose the X for several different reasons.

  • X represents the letter chi, which is the first letter in Christ. We want Christ to be first and central to everything that we do as a church.
  • X is also used for several different things in math. 
    • X is the symbol for multiplication. We believe that as a church we are called to multiply by the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Matthew 28:19-20 gives us the Great Commission, in which Jesus commanded all believers to go out and make disciples. 
    • In algebra, the X denotes an unknown. We want to help people find the unknown thing in their lives. As a people, we are always trying to fill a void in our lives with everything from sex and alcohol to careers and family. The problem is that the unknown thing that will only truly fill that void is a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • X marks the spot. We have all seen the movies and shows that are centered around pirates and their quest for the buried treasure. We also know that on every map that those pirates or explorers use, X marks the spot,  We want people to know that the real treasure of this world is a restored relationship with Christ. We want to be a place that people can hear and find the treasure that is eternity in Heaven with God.

So, we get that the name is pretty strange for a church to have, but we think it fits us pretty well.