Alan Wimbish

Alan Wimbish, Senior Pastor

Alan is the Senior Pastor of X Factor Church and one of its five Elders.

Scott Downing, Minister to Families

Scott is X Factor’s Minister to Youth and Families and one of its five Elders. He is married to his middle school sweetheart, Amanda. Together they have four children, Mallory, Rain, Zachary, and Riley. Scott earned his Bachelor’s Degree in English and Professional Writing with a minor in Religious Studies from the University of New Mexico. In his spare time, Scott enjoys spending time with his family, engaging in social media, running, and immersing himself in the worlds of Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars (which are all the same thing now).


Tom Bailey

Tom is one of X Factor’s five Elders. Tom balances his focus between leading and overseeing the short term and long term leadership of the church as a whole. Tom is married to Sherri Bailey, and has been involved with X Factor since almost the very beginning. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, working out, running (including half marathons and marathons), spending time on his Harley, and collecting Harley shirts from around the world.

Alan Fowler

Alan is one of X Factor’s five Elders. He also teaches one of the Tuesday TraX Adult Bible Studies and helps lead the marriage ministry with his wife Heather. Alan is a New Mexico native who, along with his wife, Heather, have two adult children and share a passion for ministry to men, women and families in New Mexico and around the world.

For a vocation, Alan is a 42-year veteran of Mortgage Banking and currently leads the Mortgage department at Nusenda Credit Union in Albuquerque.

Alan and Heather began in Marriage Ministry as soon as they were married in 1990, acting as City Ministry Directors for the Life Marriage Conferences and leading marriage ministries for City on A Hill and Copper Point Churches, as well as founding their own marriage ministry, Gracious Marriage Resources. Alan has also served in leadership for First United Methodist Church, City on a Hill and now X Factor.

Matt Butler

Matt is one of X Factor’s five Elders. He is happily married to his wife Becca, who is a professional photographer and business manager. They have 3 dogs and several chickens. Matt currently works as a statistician for a government agency involved in the management of fish and wildlife across the southwestern United States. He is educated in the sciences – Biology, Ecology, and Statistics – which gives him a unique perspective into the scientific worldview. However, Matt is well grounded in a Biblical worldview and believes God has revealed Himself to mankind through nature (Romans 1:19-20) and His Holy Word, the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16). Matt loves being in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and hiking. At X Factor, he enjoys working with the Technology team. Matt is also involved in church finance, inreach, discipleship, and LifeGroups.


Sherri Bailey Member Care Deacon

Sherri is X Factor’s Member Care Deacon. She oversees our First Impressions Team, helps to coordinate meals and prayer for the members of the church.

Sherri also leads out with chiX, the women’s ministry at X Factor.

Patty Kehoe Benevolence & Missions Deacon

Patty is X Factor’s Benevolence & Missions Deacon. She is responsible for handling incoming needs-based requests, coordinating hospital visits, and planning funeral services alongside church staff and elders. She also helps oversee our Shine and Feed the Kids Ministries and helps coordinate different aspects of our Missions Ministries at the church.

Dennis Vik Finance Deacon

Dennis is X Factor’s Finance Deacon. Dennis works alongside our elders, staff, and finance team to develop and maintain healthy financial practices, ensuring that we continue to steward our gifts well.

Nick Campbell Technology Deacon

Nick is X Factor’s Technology Deacon. He is responsible for ensuring X Factor’s vast network of technology is maintained while training and coordinating a team of audio/visual volunteers.

Jeff Dalton Hospitality Deacon

Jeff is X Factor's Hospitality Deacon. Jeff has extensive training and experience in the food industry and oversees all of the food-related projects and events that the church has. This includes our Hunger Response Team trailer.


Kelly Alhona

Kelly Alhona, Prayer Ministry & Cleaning Ministry Leader

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Amanda Downing, Feed the Kids Ministry Leader

Heather Fowler, chiX Women's Ministry Leader

G. Luke McKinnon, Pastor Emeritus

Luke is the Founder and Former Senior Pastor of X Factor Church. He and his wife Joy started X Factor in 2004 as part of a church plant of Sandia Baptist Church. Together they have two children, Kylee and Talon, two dogs, and several chickens. Luke earned his undergraduate degree in History from New Mexico State University and his Master’s degree in Christian Apologetics from BIOLA. In his spare time, Luke enjoys spending time with his family, enjoying the outdoors, shooting, riding motorcycles, and cooking copious amounts of meat on his smoker.